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Get This Course Right Now & Save ₦285,000 ($285)

Maximize Profits, Minimize Effort: Turbocharge Your Business with AI, 10x Your Profit in Just 30 Days!


  • Boost Efficiency and Free Up Time:

    Automate time-consuming tasks like data entry, customer service, and content creation, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

  • Make Smarter Decisions:

    Analyze vast amounts of data to gain deeper insights into your customers, market trends, and operational performance. Make data-driven decisions that optimize every aspect of your business.

  • Personalize Customer Experiences:

    Leverage AI to understand individual customer preferences and deliver tailored products, services, and marketing messages. Build stronger relationships and drive higher customer satisfaction

  • Predict and Prevent Issues:

    Employ AI for predictive maintenance, risk management, and fraud detection. Identify potential problems before they arise, minimize downtime, and protect your business from financial losses.


    ₦15,000 ($15)


    ₦5,000 ($5)

  • Act Fast... Time Is Running Out!


    Course Bonus:

  • The Essential AI Content & Social Media Growth Accelerator (Value $200): 

    Access to extensive and intuitive prompting for 100% unique for brand identity, blog posts, social captions, short form video scripts optimized for each network - output perfectly tailored content at scale without any creative lift.

  • 24/7 Customer Support AI Assistant (Value $200):

    We’ll give you our top 10 funnel designs of all time completely licensed for you to re-use and re-sell to your clients for thousands of dollars

  • No-Code High Converting Landing Page Designer (Value $300):

    Choose from an array of pre-made mobile-responsive landing page templates. Easily customize layouts, embed media, integrate payment and email collection tools in minutes with drag and drop editor to launch sites converting traffic into leads instantly.

  • AI Video Production (Value $200):

    Autoscripts, dynamic editing with customizable graphics, effects and text created for you. Built-in best practices for optimization across social and YouTube. Effortlessly produce studios quality demo videos, ads and tutorials that convert.

  • Private Learning Community Access ($500): 
    Join our community of professional AI-empowered entrepreneurs where you’ll be able to keep learning every single day. Also, join our weekly live Q&A’s.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We will refund your money if you don't like this course.

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  • Here's What Other Students Are Saying

    "My conversion has increased""

    AltOxford's AI Business Accelerator is indeed a life-changer… As a Sales Funnel Hacker, the AI Business Accelerator has saved me a tremendous amount of time! I even got a 6-figure website design project and I let AI build it and pocketed the money, all thanks to the AI Business Accelerator … If you're looking for a High-Income skill, or you want to automate or scale your business, then get the AI Business Accelerator NOW! It's highly recommended!"

    Evans Kenn

    "It's completely elevated my career"

    After learning how to leverage AI tools from the AI Business Accelerator, I was able to quickly generate a professional concept note that impressed a potential employer using ChatGPT and custom prompts. This led to acing the interview and ultimately landing my dream job! The skills I gained on effectively using AI for business productivity proved invaluable. I can't thank you enough for all that I learned - it's completely elevated my career.

    Barrister Nnenna Ebem

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