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AI YouTube Monetization:
How to create viral videos and earn dollars every month without showing your face.

Transform your YouTube game and turn your channel into a revenue-generating powerhouse. We'll unveil the game-changing strategies to create viral videos and earn dollars every month – all without showing your face!

  • AI-Driven Content Creation: Learn how artificial intelligence can revolutionize your video creation process, saving time and boosting engagement.

  • Niche Discovery Techniques: Uncover the secrets to finding profitable niches without endless trial and error.

  • Monetization Magic: Discover diverse monetization methods that go beyond traditional ads, ensuring a steady income stream month after month.

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    What To Expect

    Here's Why You Need To Take AI for YouTube Seriously...

    Revolutionize the way you produce, optimize, and engage with your audience.

  • 40% reduction in video editing time: AI tools can automate tasks like cutting, trimming, and adding transitions, freeing up creators' time for more creative aspects. (Source: VidIQ)

  • 15% growth in subscriber base: AI-powered audience insights help creators understand what content resonates, leading to higher engagement and increased subscriptions. 
    (Source: Tubular Labs)

  • Democratization of content creation: AI tools with lower learning curves can empower novice creators without extensive video editing or technical skills to join the platform. (Source: Film Riot)

  • Presenter

    Hey. I'm Abimbola Abe

    Abimbola Abe is a leading AI-Powered Marketing Specialist and Generative AI Instructor, recognized for groundbreaking contributions to AI-driven marketing. Renowned for innovative strategies utilizing generative content creation, optimization, and predictive analytics, she transforms businesses across sectors.

    With over 1000 professionals trained, Abimbola simplifies complex AI concepts, ensuring teams remain ahead. Certified in AI for Marketing and Writing/Researching with Generative Tools, she is the visionary behind the AI Bootcamp and numerous enlightening webinars. 

    Co-founding AltOxford, Abimbola pioneers the "AI-Business Accelerator," empowering creators and business owners to integrate AI for marketing automation and sales. At the forefront of AI innovation, she actively engages with the latest datasets, research, and conferences, ensuring her students possess cutting-edge skills. Abimbola Abe stands as a driving force in shaping the future of AI in marketing.

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    The insights into AI-driven content creation have reshaped my entire approach to YouTube. Kudos to the team for delivering valuable and actionable information!"

    Vivian Atutu


    Abimbola's AI YouTube Mastery webinar exceeded expectations! The depth of knowledge shared on leveraging AI for content creation, audience engagement, and monetization is incredible. The actionable insights provided a roadmap for success. A must-attend for anyone serious about YouTube success."

    Evans Ndlovu

    South Africa

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  • Brand Building Without a Face: Master the art of building a strong and recognizable brand on YouTube without ever appearing on camera, preserving your privacy while establishing authority.

  • Viral Video Formulas: Unlock the secrets behind creating videos that captivate audiences and have the potential to go viral, gaining widespread visibility and recognition.

  • AI Tools Showcase: Get an exclusive look at cutting-edge AI tools designed specifically for YouTube success, empowering you with resources to enhance your content creation.

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